• Property Preservation

    Property Preservation

    Northsight provides a range of specialized services that ensures properties are well-maintained and in compliance with all local standards.
  • Recurring Services

    Recurring Services

    We understand that a property’s aesthetic appeal requires diligent work, regardless of whether it is early foreclosure or actively awaiting sale.
  • Inspections


    Monitoring a property’s status with thorough inspections is an integral part of how Northsight protects and maintains client assets.
  • Repairs


    Our trained field contractors assess the needs of each property prior to servicing it, guaranteeing its value is preserved.
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Northsight Management


Unsurpassed Systems, Exceptional Performance

Northsight is a dynamic, national property preservation company founded in 2009. We provide mortgage field services including marketable & conveyance repairs, recurring field services, inspections, P&P, REO property maintenance and more. Our success has been a result of our advanced technology systems, streamlined practices and knowledgeable staff. Northsight currently preserves more than $700 million in real estate assets nationwide.

We proudly celebrate our remarkable dedication to quality and integrity. Northsight has developed a proprietary technology solution that is vastly customizable and can quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients and the industry as a whole. This robust technology serves to effectively manage strict timelines and to always provide outstanding service.

Our advanced software includes a mobile solution that allows all of our contractors to easily submit their photos to us from their phone, or Ipad, in real time, from the field. We have also developed a cutting edge mapping module and route creation tool with turn-by-turn directions to aid all contractors. Northsight additionally utilizes an enhanced order assignment system that quickly distributes work orders among qualifying contractors. These, along with many other innovative, proprietary tools and methods, set us apart from our competition and allow us to bring our quality and service to unparalleled industry heights.

Exceptional quality control mechanisms ensure that all orders are reviewed twice before being processed and monthly inspections of job sites guarantee the quality of services performed. Our clients turn to us for our industry leading knowledge, data, analytics and services. We strive to constantly understand the challenges that our industry faces and take directive action that produces solutions.

Vendors Apply Here

Northsight Vendor Application

Northsight Management

Our Northsight team of independent contractors are a key component in our ability to provide outstanding services. As a Northsight vendor, you will be given access to cutting edge technology that allows you to quickly route and submit your work.

If you would like to become a valued Northsight vendor please apply today!



    Northsight is a forward thinking company.

    Much of our success depends upon the skills and well-being of our people. We are proud of our low levels of labor turnover and high degree of personal loyalty from our employees. We provide opportunities for career development!


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    Thanks for your interest in Northsight Management.

    Northsight Management, LLC is an Arizona-based field service management company that services defaulted homes across the U.S. Connect with us online or on the phone: 602.842.4000.


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    We are a certified "Go Green" company.

    At Northsight Management we are committed to going green. As a paperless company, we save over 48,000 pounds of paper a year by processing all of our orders through our online state-of-the-art secure digital order management system.


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